Disparities in the Era of Precision Medicine

Dr. Won Kim, Senior Medical Director in Clinical Oncology at Janssen provides in-depth presentation about the disparities in the era of precision medicine.

Won Kim, MD, Senior Medical Director in Clinical Oncology, Janssen discussed “Disparities in the Era of Precision Medicine” and specifically how the treatment landscape of advanced prostate cancer has changed dramatically in the past decade, but socioeconomic disparities continue to limit access to emerging technologies for black men, according to Kim.

“More and more clinical trials are being developed for patients with specific molecular findings, but the question is—does it really matter, if we don’t have diverse representation in these clinical trials?” asked Kim. “Patients must have access to new molecular testing and imaging technologies, but are we sure that there will be equitable access to allow all our patients to participate to those patients who need it the most? And again, that’s our black men.”

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