Incontinence with Prostate Cancer

Andrew C. Peterson, MD, Urologist and Survivorship Care Surgeon at Duke University School of Medicine provides information about incontinence with prostate cancer.

Key Takeaways:

  • US and Caribbean Black men have the highest prostate cancer incidence (new cases) globally, 73% higher among US non-Hispanic Black African American men.
  • The most common cause of incontinence in a man for leakage is radical prostatectomy. While rates are estimated to be the same between prostatectomy and radiation, radiation treatment takes about two years to show up.

“No matter what happened in your surgery, it [incontinence] wasn’t a complication, this is a known side effect of the therapy that we do and is life-saving.”

-Andrew C. Peterson, MD, Urologist, Survivorship Care Surgeon, Duke University School of Medicine

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