Managing Prostate Cancer Survivorship – March

Topics Covered:

Understanding your risk level when newly diagnosed

Clinical Trial Updates: AMG509, Libertas, REGN5678, Sipuleucel-T

Prostate Cancer Survivor Stories: Barney Morris and Ray Fuller


Mr. Farrington introduced the program and welcomed the audience. The theme of the night was prostate cancer recurrence. The speakers covered clinical trials and treatments for recurrent prostate cancer as well as survivor stories. With many families and patients facing the challenges of recurrence, Dr. Smith discussed treatment options for recurrent prostate cancer. He also spoke about diagnostics like MRIs, CT scans, and PSA blood tests as well as treatment options for distant and non-distant metastatic prostate cancer.

Dr. Crawford presented on prostate cancer clinical trials including the LIBERTAS study, the AMG509 clinical trial, the REGN5678 presurgical pilot trial, and the Sipuleucel-T with bipolar androgen therapy trial. Prostate cancer survivor Mr. Barney Morris described his journey with diagnosis and hormone treatment. He also mentioned the benefits of the portal, which provides clear information and tools that enable patients to make informed decisions with their physicians.

In addition, Mr. Ray Fuller explained how he was diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer and PHEN representatives helped him learn about multiple treatment options. He underwent radiation therapy and was initially cured. However, he has recently faced a prostate cancer recurrence and is considering participating in clinical trials.

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