Managing Survivorship Meeting – January 2024

At the Managing Survivorship Meeting on January 10, 2024, PHEN Founder and President Mr. Thomas Farrington introduced the program for the night. PHEN Ambassador Dr. James Smith held a presentation, showing the audience how to use the online tool. Dr. Smith reviewed treatment options, Gleason scores, and PSA numbers. He also discussed risk levels and cancer stages for prostate cancer patients.

Afterward, PHEN Director of Patient Education and Clinical Trials Dr. Keith Crawford began by explaining what clinical trials are and why Black patients need to participate. Dr. Crawford outlined exciting developments in clinical trials, new therapies, and what to expect from clinical research in 2024. The innovative medications discussed include Pylarify, Pluvicto, and darolutamide.

Lastly, Mr. Art Cain, a prostate cancer survivor, shared his journey as a patient including his participation in a prostate cancer clinical trial. The audience members took a poll at the end of the meeting, and 92% stated being satisfied with the meeting and presentations. As many as 96% rated the speakers as “very good” and 89% now understand how risk levels determine treatment options.

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