Newly FDA-Approved Cancer Diagnostics and Therapeutics Moderator Remarks

Keith Crawford, MD, PhD, Director of Clinical Trials and Patient Education at PHEN

Dr. Keith Crawford acted as one of two moderators for the fourth session of PHEN’s 2023 Summit. After the cancer survivors spoke about their journeys, Dr. Crawford explained that their stories laid the foundation for the next speakers. Medical and pharmaceutical experts discussed newly FDA-approved prostate cancer treatments and diagnostics. Dr. Crawford mentioned one example of PMSA, which is a protein found on prostate cancer cells that acts as a marker to target prostate cancer cells.


Dr. Crawford mentioned how Mr. Charles Christian had to visit Europe to receive his treatments, but these therapies are now available in the United States. However, patients will need access to clinical trials to get these innovative therapies. Dr. Crawford introduced the numerous speakers who presented on newly FDA-approved therapies, including Dr. Jill Daigneault from Sumitomo Pharma, Dr. Phillip Davis from Blue Earth Diagnostics, Dr. Jay Jhaveri from Bayer, Dr. Daneil Kuftinec from Lantheus, and Dr. Jennifer Phillips from Janssen Oncology.


He also introduced a segment on how diet and exercise play a role in prostate cancer progression, which Drs. June Chan and Stacey Kenfield from the University of California, San Francisco conducted.

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