Prostate Cancer Survivor Stories and New Approved Therapies Opening Remarks

Mr. Thomas Farrington, Founder and President of PHEN

Mr. Thomas Farrington welcomed the audience to the fourth session of PHEN’s Annual African American Prostate Cancer Disparity Summit and thanked the sponsors. This session is called Prostate Cancer Survivor Stories and New Approved Therapies. He explained how the summit has increased prostate cancer knowledge during Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. During this session, cancer survivors provided lessons to help others navigate their own prostate cancer journeys.


In addition, experts provided presentations on diagnostics and therapeutics for prostate cancer patients. Two medical investigators gave presentations on diet and exercise, discussing their impact on prostate cancer progression. Mr. Farrington mentioned the two moderators for the session: PHEN Ambassador Mr. Barney Morris, who handled the patient stories segment, and PHEN’s Director of Clinical Trials and Patient Education Dr. Keith Crawford, who moderated the therapeutics segment.

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