Police Chief Joseph Wade

Prostate cancer is a crisis in the African American community with one in six Black men diagnosed with the disease in their lifetimes. Jackson Police Chief Joseph Wade advises Black men to gain knowledge about early prostate cancer detection by visiting PHENPSA.com.


Police Chief Joseph Wade is from Terry, Mississippi, and he currently lives in Jackson, Mississippi. His background is extensive in law enforcement. He has worked as a Sergeant, Lieutenant, Assistant Chief, Deputy Chief, Commander, and Interim Chief. He is currently the Chief of Police. Police Chief Wade has received the Meritorious Service Award twice and the MS Department of Public Safety’s D.U.I. 100 Club honor twice.

Police Chief Wade graduated from the 23rd recruit class in 1995. His education also involves graduating from the Hinds Community College’s Criminal Justice Program, the FBI Command College, and the DEA Commander’s Academy. He is currently working towards a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice Administration. In addition, he has obtained more than 80 advanced law enforcement training certifications. He has also created youth programs including the Police Athletic League, the Youth Citizens’ Police Academy, and the Explorers’ Program

Posted on February 6, 2024

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