2018 Summit

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Community Education and Awareness Outreach
PHEN’s faith-based community outreach initiatives are now recognized as the broadest and most effective prostate cancer education and awareness efforts focused on African American communities. This session will present results of these church partnership initiatives and outline plans and strategies for 2019.
Developing Treatment Trends and Implications for Patients
A new generation of prostate cancer care is being shaped through major new developments underway including new drugs, imaging technology, molecular and genetic testing and more. An overview of these developing trends and the implications for patients will be presented.
Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials Rally Update and Report
An update on PHEN’s Clinical Trials Rally with an insightful look at the journey of some successful trials and how they are now benefiting patients. An analysis of the different classes of trials including a review of certain trials will also be presented during this session.
Prostate Cancer Early Detection Update
The U. S. Preventive Services Task Force also published its final prostate cancer early detection screening recommendation in May, 2018. This session will review and analyze this recommendation and the potential impact for African American men.