Active Surveillance and Black Men

Curtis A. Pettaway, MD, Professor in the Department of Urology at MD Anderson Cancer Center

Dr. Curtis Pettaway discussed whether active surveillance for Black prostate cancer patients is safe. He mentioned that the reason for delaying treatment is due to research showing active surveillance of low-risk prostate cancer is not associated with greater mortality at 10 years.

The best candidates for active surveillance have a life expectancy above 10 years, a low-grade disease with a Gleason score of 6, and a low-volume disease. However, Black men diagnosed with prostate cancer often lack these factors and have larger tumor volumes, earlier disease onset, and greater incidence of metastasis. Yet, research shows that metastasis and mortality rates are similar for Black and White men on active surveillance

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    Excellent presentation regarding Active Surveillance! Very timely and informative.

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    I agree with you wholeheartedly. Follow up visit is critical at least 6 months later or earlier

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