Community Grassroots Engagements with PHEN Ambassadors

Dr. Artie Shelton, PHEN Ambassador, Prostate Cancer Survivor, and President/CEO of Shelton Professional Services

Prostate cancer survivor Dr. Artie Shelton has participated in many events as PHEN Ambassador including a health fair in February 2023, a prostate cancer informational meeting in March 2023, a Father’s Day Rally in June 2023, and a Wellness and Church Cookout in July 2023. Dr. Shelton spoke about the importance of using church leadership to raise public awareness of prostate cancer.


As part of the PHEN Survivor Network, Dr. Shelton praises PHEN’s motto “Knowledge is the best defense against prostate cancer.” Further, he met with a prostate cancer patient at the hospital who thanked him and PHEN for saving his life, as he had gone to get screened after a church outreach event.


Bishop Michael V. Kelsey, Sr., Senior Pastor at the New Samaritan Baptist Church (NSBC)

Bishop Michael Kelsey, a prostate cancer survivor, spoke about the benefits of early prostate cancer detection. Since he had a family history of the disease, his urologist did not take a passive approach and had him undergo a radical prostatectomy after an MRI and a biopsy determined he had cancer. After surviving the disease, Bishop Kelsey became an advocate for early detection. He has since worked with PHEN Ambassador Dr. Artie Shelton to hold men’s health sessions and host screenings for prostate cancer.


Mr. Clinton Burnside, MPH, Senior Outreach Coordinator and “Men Take Ten” Program Manager at Howard University Cancer Center

Mr. Clinton Burnside from the Howard University Cancer Center explained how he has worked with PHEN since 2010. By partnering with PHEN, his organization has branched out into working with different entities, like a Baptist church, and creating the “Men Take Ten” program. This program offers educational resources and prostate cancer screenings to men from 40 to 75 years of age.


Mr. Burnside spoke about the importance of meeting men and women where they are, such as barbershops or places of worship. Most importantly, partnering with churches and other organizations should help expand prostate cancer awareness further.


Reverend Bobby Richardson, Prostate Cancer Survivor and Member of Reid Temple AME Church

Reverend Bobby Richardson discussed how essential it is for patients and men at risk of prostate cancer that PHEN continues to partner with various medical and faith-based organizations. Reverend Richardson detailed his story as a prostate cancer survivor. After seeing a urologist who recommended waiting three months, his PSA levels remained too high, and an MRI found a lesion on his prostate.


By October 2021, a biopsy determined that he had prostate cancer. However, early detection allowed Reverend Richardson to remain confident and saved his life. PHEN resources helped him learn more about this disease. Since then, Reverend Richardson became an advocate and began sharing prostate cancer information with other men.

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  1. Johnnie

    I am a survivor!!!


    Good morning members my name is Dwayne Burroughs I have recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer undergoing treatment , I would love to participate in spreading the word about the disease and become an advocate by giving ou literature or in any other way possible. I will fill out the necessity information in the hopes of receiving information on how I can help in facilitating information to the community in which I reside and more. Thank you in advance.

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    Excellent. Thank you for following PHEN.

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