Making Clinical Trials Work For You!

As a result of COVID19, discussions about clinical trials have taken mainstage. There is a bill in the US Senate to increase clinical trial diversity. However, prostate cancer clinical trials are currently working for some PHEN members. and Dr. Crawford will present clinical trial opportunities that are available and how to make them work for you.
Clinical trials are important treatment options all along your prostate cancer journey.
Posted on December 17, 2021

3 responses to “Making Clinical Trials Work For You!”

  1. Randy WILLIAMS

    I think the subject matter in this presentation was very good. I want to know if they is a trial for someone who had Prostate Cancer and had surgery. I had HIFU surgery in 2018.

    However, I cannot kind information on whether it worked and what to expect?

    I will go to PHENpath.comand

  2. Malcolm Moore

    Very informative and full of knowledge enjoyed the session

  3. Ralph Tice

    Some members of our prostate cancer support group (brother2brother) have listened to this presentation and though it was very informative and absolutely needed.

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