Mr. Charles “Chuck” Christian

Mr. Charles “Chuck” Christian, PHEN Survivor Network Member, Randolph, MA

The wife of Mr. Charles Christian suggested he see his doctor after he was regularly getting up eight or nine times in the night to use the bathroom. He went to see his doctor in 2016 and was then diagnosed with prostate cancer. Unfortunately, the cancer had metastasized and reached his ribs, skull, and more. He looked over his scan and counted – he had as many as 150 to 200 tumors throughout his body!


This was a terrifying time in his life, especially since his father passed away from prostate cancer at 62 years of age. He began speaking about his prostate cancer journey on the Dr. Phil Show and Real Sports With Bryant Gumble. In 2022, he could not walk more than 50 feet, was in a wheelchair, and spent as much as 22 hours a day bedridden. He lost more than 85 pounds, was taking pain medication like morphine and oxycontin daily, and even spent some time in hospice care.

Posted on November 15, 2023

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  1. Lyñn

    Incredible story and very lucky man. It would be nice to know why his treatment is not available in the United States.

  2. Wesley Shelton

    I was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer terminal June 2019 began seeing an oncologist in Houston he said he would have me up and walking in a weeks time the pain went away and I was up walking. As he said didn’t say anything about a cure didn’t ask but he started me on testosterone blockers and lupron injection my PSA dropped to .01
    And has stayed there till recently and it started to climb again he changed my meds to xtandy and my PSA dropped that was almost five years ago

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