Mr. Jerry Knight

Mr. Jerry Knight, PHEN Ambassador, Jackson, MS

Mr. Jerry Knight shared his story at the fourth session of the PHEN 2023 Summit. His father died from Stage 4 metastatic prostate cancer in 1996 at 67 years of age. His mother began urging him to get screened regularly due to his father’s death. He began screening and continued to do so until he lost his health insurance in 2012. When he obtained insurance and got screened in 2014, his doctor found his PSA score had risen to 9.0.


His primary care physician had sent him to a urologist who then saw that his PSA level had grown to 24.0. Then, his doctors completed a biopsy and diagnosed Mr. Knight with Stage 3 prostate cancer. After a CT scan, he found out his cancer did not spread outside of the prostate. As such, his doctors recommended removing his prostate to become cancer-free. In 2015, he underwent a robotic prostatectomy. Afterward, his doctor recommended 32 rounds of radiation therapy to be safe.


While sitting in the waiting room between his rounds of radiation, Mr. Knight read prostate cancer information and decided to form a prostate cancer support group. With the help of staff from the American Cancer Society, he formed a self-help group in which patients provide awareness and support during their monthly meetings. Mr. Knight spoke at events and passed out flyers across his city to raise health and wellness awareness as well as the importance of early detection screening.


In 2022, his PSA level rose to 0.2 and his cancer was detectable again. Mr. Knight pushed for his urologist to complete a PET scan, which showed a small amount of cancerous tissue in his pelvic area. Then, Mr. Knight underwent 25 rounds of radiation therapy and hormone injections. As of March 2023, he is once again cancer-free. Mr. Knight explained he believes God spared his life to help save other lives as an advocate.

Posted on November 15, 2023

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  1. Murray Wadsworth

    I welcome opportunity to discuss. Why is PHEN allowing such deadly false misinformation and putting Mr Knight at even greater risk? Note I am post RP eight years ago, then salvage RT; noth done in Austin, TX. Then at usPSA 0.10, six years ago, went to Radbound UMC Netherlands for Ferrotran nanoparticle MRI and Ga68 PSMA, then salvage extended pelvic lymph node surgery in Belgium. Today, very low stable usPSA 0.03X range, no ADT no Chemo.

  2. Ezequiel

    Gleason 6

  3. Akande Taiyelolu Rasheed

    This is good attempt how can someone be members of this group.

  4. Akande Taiyelolu Rasheed

    Am interested in this group

  5. PHEN Television

    Thank you for your feedback and for following PHEN.

  6. PHEN Television

    Thank you for your feedback and for following PHEN.

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    Thank you for your feedback and for following PHEN. I have added your name to the survivor network group and you should start seeing information from PHEN.

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