Mr. Lee Moultrie

Mr. Lee Moultrie, PHEN Ambassador, North Charleston, SC

Mr. Lee Moultrie explained how his story is somewhat different from Mr. Christian’s prostate cancer journey. He obtained his first PSA screening test in 1995 when he was 39 years of age. He then underwent PSA screenings for 20 years and it wasn’t until 2015 that his urologist found cancer after a urinary problem. His doctor recommended the active surveillance or watch-and-wait approach. He also advised Mr. Moultrie to change his diet and exercise routine while his medical team monitored his cancer.


His PSA numbers were low and he remained on active surveillance for six years. Mr. Moultrie emphasized that patients who are diagnosed with prostate cancer may not need treatment right away and should seek second and third opinions. When his prostate cancer progressed, Mr. Lee Moultrie was treated via proton therapy, which the federal government first approved in 1988. Both Medicare and Veteran Affairs paid for his entire treatment.


He began his eight-week treatment program in 2021, which involved a low-dose, non-invasive radiation therapy. Mr. Moultrie advises men to get screened early, consider active surveillance, and listen to their physician. Lastly, he mentioned how proton therapy is the best-kept secret for working-class people, as the federal government covers all costs.


Posted on November 15, 2023

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