Mr. Sherman Womack – Prostate Cancer Survivor

Mr. Sherman Womack, PHEN Survivor Network Member, Boston, MA

Mr. Sherman Womack detailed during the PHEN 2023 Summit how clinical trials were not introduced when he was first diagnosed with prostate cancer 18 years ago in 2005. He began learning more about clinical research over the last five years. Mr. Womack began chemotherapy in February of 2005. He has been treated at Mass General Hospital for the last 18 years and his oncologist wanted him to start a new clinical trial when the chemotherapy stopped working.


He first needed to complete his chemotherapy treatment and was then able to begin the trial in 2022. The clinical trial involved six treatments and Mr. Womack explained that the investigators and staff were very helpful, as he received numerous phone calls checking in on him. The trial also involved very minimal side effects, such as dry mouth and nausea. This discussion showed that clinical trial participation among prostate cancer patients is becoming more mainstream today.

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  1. Roy Ward

    I’m on Harmon therapy shots every 3 months. Now I’m dealing with severe hot flashes. Is there any other treatment available instead of the Harmon therapy. It’s getting harder and harder to deal with this. I’m at the point where I question if it’s worth it

  2. PHEN Television

    PHEN understands your frustration. Please visit for treatment options. You can also reach out to Dr. Keith Crawford, at [email protected] and he can help you walk through the treatment options.

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