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Mr. William Thompson, PHEN Survivor Network Member, Los Angeles, CA

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Mr. William Thompson spoke about his incredible story during the fourth session of PHEN’s 2023 Summit. He had end-stage prostate cancer and was able to achieve remission. How did he do it? Mainly through his diet. Mr. Thompson was initially diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2017. It was a very aggressive, late-stage cancer. He even received palliative care or end-of-life care at the beginning.

His first PSA test results were more than 2,000 and, six months later, his PSA levels doubled. Strangely enough, his biopsy showed that his prostate cancer did not metastasize and only reached the pelvic lymph nodes. However, his doctors told him his tumor was massive in size and inoperable. According to his physicians, his best-case scenario was to undergo chemotherapy to slow down the progression of his disease.

Mr. Thompson then asked what type of diet he should be on. His doctors did not believe a diet would make a difference, but that did not stop William. As a fitness trainer and nutritionist, he has studied nutrition books and talked to plenty of experts. His own mother is a registered dietician. Through this research, he knows that a whole-food, plant-based diet is the best option for cancer patients.

In 10 days, his intensive new diet helped his PSA levels drop from 6,000 to just slightly more than 3,000. After his PSA levels fell, his physician explained he no longer needed chemotherapy. After a little more than a month on his new diet, Mr. Thompson’s PSA level decreased to a mere 31.2. After an additional four weeks of following his new menu, his PSA level dropped to only 0.4. Two months after that, he saw his PSA rate fall to only 0.1.


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  1. Murray Wadsworth

    Any medical review of this from diagnosis to remission; especially diagnosis? Frankly, not buying this. Diagnosed “very aggressive Stage 4, not metastasized, only in pelvic lymph nodes, end-stage”, just from biopsy? No details on MRI, genomic testing, other imaging in diagnosis. Then vegetarian. But then in video oh some imaging, radiation and ADT involved.

  2. PHEN Television

    Thank you for following PHEN and your feedback.

  3. Carl Dunn

    Is there a list of what fuit and vegetables that Mr. Thompson ate. And were the vegetables eaten both raw and cooked. Carl Dunn, email. [email protected]


  4. PHEN Television

    Mr. Dunn for your email, we will send you an email with the follow-up information.

  5. James Hamner

    Mr. Dunn I have Prostate Cancer 4th Stage Would You Please help Me by Sending Me the Special Diet that Helped You Thru This in Hope that it too may Help Me…Thank You Sir for Some Hope for Myself and Congratulations on the The End Results on Your Journey!!!

  6. James Hamner

    Mr. Dunn I have 4th Stage Prostate Cancer I would like to try your Special Diet in Hope’s of this Helping Me thru this Journey from Hell I am On…Please if You Could Help Me…Thank You and Congratulations on Your Blessed Journey!!!

  7. James Hamner

    Mr. Thompson I have the same as you…4th Stage Prostate Cancer would you Please send me this Special Diet that Seen You Thru the Journey You were on…The One you would Understand that I’m On Now Thank You Sir and Congratulations on Your Real and Blessed Journey!!!

  8. Anastacio Puga

    Similar diagnosis please send info on this. I also heard green juice fasting helps to detoxify

  9. Lisa

    Please share your plant based diet and remedies you use to fight your cancer

  10. Rufus Marshall

    I’ve listen to several YouTube comments regarding diets and cancel. I have Prostate Cancer and I’m interested in learning your your dietary approach to fighting cancel.

  11. John Rieger

    Hello, can I get a copy of the whole food plant-based diet also? I’m stage 4a, non-metastic, did 40 rounds of radiation at UTSW Dallas, just finished that Nov. 20, 2023. Prostate was robotically removed Dec. 27, 2019. Remarkable story and so glad the special diet helped him.

  12. Cindy Vassell

    Hi Mr Dunn congrats on your remission please send me the diet my husband has stage 4 prostate cancer

  13. Kodjo

    Oh! You can save life if you share your experience with us.
    Thank you so much

  14. Darwyn Cook Sr

    Please send me your diet. Thank you very much.

  15. James Murray

    In June 2023 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer with a Gleason score of 4+4=8 and torn between eating vegetables and protein.Dr Thomas Seyfried states to lower your Carbohydrates so the cancer doesn’t have fuel.

  16. William Joseph

    Please send me your diet regimen. Thanks.

  17. Paul Allain

    I am very interested in your diet plan.
    I have prostate cancer.
    Please send me the information.

  18. Hugh Palmer

    I am experiencing an elevated prostate, please send me your plant base diet which cured your condition.

  19. T. Wallace

    Please send me your diet regimen. Thanks

  20. Chequita Owens

    Thank you for sharing your experiences. I have no trouble believing your testimony and wish our medical system (including the training of medical professions also received more training in the benefits of specific nutritions — so they can stop telling patients it doesnt matter. I think he whole approach to American medicine needs to shift from “sick care” to preventative care (including preventing the overally harsh measures now being used that often do not get good /postive results) We also need massive public education on nutrition. Our food industry allows multiple chemicals in foods and the fda currently is allowing this “over-processing” in foods. CSPAN showed a Senate hearing in mid December with many health experts warning abou Amerca’s food environment. But It seems Cancer Institute not wanting to accept/fund studies. Meanwhile, maybe our foods may need warning labels like our tobacco packages have ?

  21. William C Thompson

    To contact Stage4 Cancer Survivor and Cancer Nutritionist William Thompson:

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  22. Clarence bolls

    Hello Mr Will I’m very interested in your diet please send me a copy of the information to get the diet thanks

  23. PHEN Television

    Use the contact section at and Mr Thompson will contact you as soon as possible

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