Prostate Cancer Survivor Stories and New Approved Therapies Closing Remarks

PHEN Founder and President Mr. Thomas Farrington thanked the presenters including the medical experts who spoke during the fourth session of the PHEN 2023 Summit. He held a Heroes in Memoriam segment in which he highlighted PHEN Survivor Network Members Mr. Clarence Randall Hogan, Jr. and Mr. Joseph Levi Roper who have both passed away after providing outreach assistance at PHEN for many years.


Mr. Farrington also asked the audience to answer several poll questions. He outlined how the PHEN team began putting together the information and programs for the PHEN Summit in April and worked on bringing presenters to each session. He also mentioned how PHEN promotes the Summit videos via social media and was able to reach more than 540,000 people using social media last year.


Dr. Keith Crawford, Director of Clinical Trials and Patient Education at PHEN, advised those in the audience to view the PHEN Summit website page for contact information of the speakers if they have any questions left. He also mentioned how people who live in food deserts may need vitamin supplements to help meet their health needs.


Lastly, Mr. Farrington outlined the results from the survey poll. 81% of attendees rated the program as excellent while 17% rated it as good. 85% of the audience rated the speakers as excellent while 15% rated them as good. Furthermore, 94% found the patient stories as highly inspirational while 89% stated the patient stories were very educational and helpful. In addition, 74% of the audience stated that the “Newly FDA-approved Prostate Cancer Diagnostics and Therapeutics” presentations were very educational and helpful.


As many as 91% of attendees felt that the presentation on diet and exercise was very clear. 60% of attendees were prostate cancer patients and/or survivors, 11% were medical professionals, 9% were advocates, and 6% were caregivers. Lastly, Mr. Farrington thanked the audience, participants, and sponsors for taking part in the 19th Annual African American Prostate Cancer Disparity Summit.

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  1. Zacarias Tamangan

    Why the big Pharma do not introduce a vaccine for prostrate cancer and the cancer disease in general specially when there is already sign that a person will have or has already low grade cancer. The standard treatments as of now are expensive and the side effects are more severe. If cancer cell is virus, then the treatment is similar to mRNA in the treatment of Covid 19.

  2. PHEN Television

    thank you for your email concerning cancer vaccines, we will follow-up with you shortly.

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