How Exercise Impacts Prostate Cancer Survivorship

Lifestyle changes like physical fitness activities can make a significant difference for prostate cancer patients. On May 8th, PHEN and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute hosted a Managing Survivorship Meeting for prostate cancer patients emphasizing the importance of exercise.

PHEN Director of Clinical Trials and Patient Education Dr. Keith Crawford and Dana-Farber Instructor Dr. Dong-Woo Kang outlined clinical trials focused on exercise and explained the numerous ways physical fitness can improve survival among prostate cancer patients.  In fact, patients can slow down cancer progression, reduce side effects, and improve treatment outcomes with moderate exercise.

Speakers: Dr. Keith Crawford, PHEN Director of Clinical Trials and Patient Education, Dr. Dong-Woo Kang, Instructor at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, PHEN Ambassador Dr. James Smith, and prostate cancer survivor Mr. William Thompson.

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  1. Guyteau Modestile

    What kind exercise please

  2. B y

    We been rehabilitation thru sports and excerise/ for 30 years it works

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